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Create a life long love affair

You didn’t get married to feel like someone’s roommate. I’ll help you stop feeling lonely in your relationship, dissolve barriers & ignite your passion.

How much is your current relationship costing you?

Are you tired of feeling like a roomy? 

Do you feel like no matter what you do, nothing works?

A lack of understanding of one another can create a lot of pain and frustration affecting your relationship, your self-esteem, your love for each other and the way you spend time together. Instead of building your relationship and your love, you are slowly destroying it. 

Imagine what your relationship would be like...

If you trust one another unconditionally

If you feel valued & understood​

​If you 10x your love & passion

If you resolve any disagreements with ease

If you look forward to coming home to your partner every day


Laura & Martin

“We were worried that we were going to be told everything we are doing wrong and that we would have to change who we are. We were wrong. Lana welcomed us with open arms, never judged us and showed us how we can work together rather than tell us we must change. We made more progress with her in 3 months than we made in the 10 years before.”

Ronda & Mark

“We faced a very difficult situation in our life, and because of all our disagreements, we got nowhere and our situation got worse. Thanks to our coaching with Lana, we were able to resolve our situation, while also resolving our relationship and rebuilding our trust and love.“

Tina & Frank

“We were uncomfortable with the coaching price, but we are so grateful that we decided to invest in it. Lana’s guidance has helped us clear challenges in our relationship and we are much calmer because of it. We are so proud of the relationship we have created .”


in 3 easy steps

Book Your Intro Call

This is where we meet and you share your concerns. We also look at how we can help you.

Follow Your

Personalized Plan

With a coaching plan created just for you, you will be able to dig deep and understand the issues while solving them so they do not reoccur again.

Never Worry About

Disagreements Again

Create a lifelong passionate relationship and solve any future disagreements in seconds.

At Dynamite Relationships

We believe you deserve better

At Dynamite Relationships, we know you are the kind of people who want to be in a passionate and loving relationship. In order to be that way, you need to work together and start communicating clearly and openly. The problem is that you feel like nothing you do is ever good enough which makes you feel like a loving relationship is unachievable. We believe you deserve love and happiness in your relationship. We understand that sometimes it feels impossible to achieve it when all you do is argue. That’s why we work with you to resolve your challenges once and for all.

Here’s how it works: to start, schedule your intro call, then follow your personalized plan and create a lifelong passionate relationship. We invite you to book a call so you can stop your disagreements and start transforming your relationship and reigniting your love.

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